About Us

Fun With Artz is a Singapore based training company specializing in Arts Education providing fun and educational workshops for age 31 months to working adults from corporate companies.
Having undergone professional training from Lasalle College of Art, NAFA. Our Team leads by Senior Instructors who are also AMIS (Art & Music Instructor Schemes) registered with the Ministry of Education Singapore. Each of them have years of teaching experience in schools. We teach in various Art form for Primary & Secondary levels, from traditional media such as Acrylic paintings and drawings to more recently developed approaches that use Clay for 3D sculpture and colored ball point pen for 2D creations.

Our Mission
We are Art trained Instructors providing holistic Art programs in Singapore. It is our mission to stay relevant to the needs of schools in Singapore, providing quality holistic programs through strategic collaboration, and seamless integration with industry specialists.

Our Teaching Values
Art is an expressive and aesthetic activity. It is also an activity that many of us enjoy. Our program aims at developing and nurturing school readiness in the preschoolers and lifelong success in primary and secondary school students. The hands-on activities involve will stimulate the learner’s multisensory skills and curiosity, as our Learners’ Learn by doing and Play is their work.
Themes are incorporated into our curriculum to ensure that a wide variety of classroom experiences are provided. All curricula are adapted to match the developmental needs of children at different stages.
During our lessons, we will observe how individual learner approaches tasks and from there, we will build upon their natural abilities and interests. This allows each learner to experience success in ways that are natural and comfortable while teaching important skills, ensuring our program teaches as well as entertains.
Most important of all, Fun With Artz is happy to tailor/ customise our program to suit each individual/Group/Organization’s needs and requirements.

Team Building Workshop
Custom Designed Workshop Promoting Corporate Team Building Skills.  Series of workshops that focused on bringing communities of people together through hands-on and experiential activities for individual development and team growth. We strive to help all build effective, supportive, and sustainable relationships with each other thru our fun and creative activities.

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