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Custom Designed Workshop Promoting Corporate Team Building Skills.  Series of workshops that focused on bringing communities of people together through hands-on and experiential activities for individual development and team growth. We strive to help all build effective, supportive, and sustainable relationships with each other thru our fun and creative activities.

Through free association, creativity, imagination, and colors participants will draw their interpretation of teamwork, values and ideals into colorful artwork.

Our programs promote team bonding by allowing everyone to interact creatively. The experience is enjoyable as well as relaxing, and provides individuals with a fresh energy.

We do not provide Venue. we travel your offices providing

(recommended) External Art Studio at Goodman Road Arts Centre with Additonal booking fee

Characteristics : Indoor,  Low physical intensity 

Main focus : Collaboration, Communication, Creativity

Duration : 2 - 3 hrs

Sit Up to max of 15 pax per party.

Additional will be charged at $45 per pax.

Buy 2 or more and receive a 10% discount
Buy 3 or more and receive a 30% discount


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