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Tiny Macarons are hand sculpted by me down to the finest details. The rainbow assortment of these sweet Macarons are encased forever in a little glass globe and made into a Charm hooked with a Stainless Steel Lobster Clasp.

There are 5 tiny Sweet Macarons in each glass Globe. the cap is permanently glued on. Shake the little glass bottle to see the miniature rainbow Macarons tumble over each other, ummmm just feel like taking Off a Bite.

Please note that the actual color of the silver floral cap is frosted silver as seen in the picture.


Glass Globe - 2.5 cm in Diameter
Silver-plated Chain - 1 inch hooked with Stainless Steel Lobster Clasp and Chain.

Taking Care of it :)
As the glass globe is hand blown breakable glass, please take care to not drop it.
Each piece of work is made from quality FIMO polymer clay, which will keep its form and vibrant colors forever.
- Please do not wear them while you're taking a bath, vigorous activities and while swimming. I had taken a lot of effort to buy Stainless Steel Material to keep this piece of work long lasting for my customers. Though its stainless steel it still greatly affected by the way we use it and taking care of it. Please keep the chains in away from water to reduce tarnish. If tarnish happens, please use a silver-polishing cloth to remove the tarnish. If the metal comes into contact with water, just dab it off gently with a dry towel. Try avoiding holding onto it on our sweating palm in hot day:)

Please allow 3- 5 business days for casting.

Charm Chain measures 1 inch without lopster clasp.
Please note: All my pieces are Individually handmade. Each piece is unique and features different details.***

Products received may slightly defer from photos shown on the site as different monitors have different resolutions and color capability.

Thank you for shopping with me ♥

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