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Dollhouse Miniatures - This listing is for 1 Plate of Peach Longevity Bun 寿桃 in 1:6 scale made for playscale Dolls, Dollfie Ball Jointed Dolls, Blythe, Barbie or fashion doll

Please allow 10 business days for crafting and complete drying.

Please note: All pieces are Individually handmade without mold. Each piece is unique and features slightly different details.***

Everything will be attached for shipping. This item will be shipped via registered mail.

Longevity buns 寿桃 are shaped into peaches form by using resin clay - all mold free. Peaches are traditionally associated for Chinese with long life and immortality. Longevity buns are presented as an individual peach or be combined into an elaborate display piece in the Ming dynasty novel held celestial peach parties for fellow immortals.

For Chinese Traditions, presentation of longevity buns is an aspiration for long life to a birthday boy or girl wishing a long live. Longevity peaches are served during birthday banquet of the elderly especially those celebrating their 60th birthday. Longevity buns are also been used in corporate birthday parties to create an East-West fusion birthday party.

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