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Clay Education (8 sessions per course)
- History of clay art applications and their processes (media and materials).
- Express visual ideas through creating a three-dimensional clay article.
- Explore ways of conveying form and texture in a clay sculpture.
- Use imagination and invention to represent form, texture, and detail in a clay sculpture.
- Design Fundamental
- Decoration and drying procedure
- Practical (Execution of Drawing in Clay)
- Different methods of Shaping
- Basics of Dynamic Forms
- Design Practical

Course Objectives
Our curriculum involves expressive and aesthetic activities that young or adult will enjoy. We aim to enable our learners to understand and value art expressions throughout life. Learners will demonstrate the understanding and use the unique qualities of Clay as an artistic medium to compose individual art pieces.

Course Goals
• Exploration of imaginary ideas, creativity and expression of abstract thoughts.
• Skill Development.
• Allow learners to build up their concentration while completing given tasks in consistent routines
• To focus better for a better learning process and thus gain independence

Curriculum Design/Writer
We will work with you to design a curriculum that best supports your goals in your specialized courses and cooperative learning programs. Explore a wide range of educational possibilities. Your education includes classroom instruction with practicing professionals, hands-on internships, studio production and technical training

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